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If you have ever watched the TV program Air Crash Investigation, you will agree that often the smallest detail, be it an error by the pilot, a component malfunction or adverse weather can cause major disasters. 

Car crashes are no different, but only very few are thoroughly investigated. Dieter's thorough approach to detail, explaining the circumstances leading to crashes, reads like fiction.  Sadly, traffic accidents, as told in these stories, are for real and happen daily on our roads.  

As you read and think about what caused each crash, be determined to learn from others mistakes. Save yourself and other road users from the inconvenience and trauma of a road crash! Motoring for 20, 30 or 50 years without causing a crash is possible!

May all drivers, young and old, experienced or novice, be inspired to take more seriously their responsibility, when operating this lethal weapon called automobile.  Road safety must be owned by every member of society, including government, with one aim in mind Safety on our roads.


Dieter Fischer, (Ret.) Driving Instructor, Adelaide, South Australia.

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About us: Dieter Fischer taught thousands of people to drive during his almost 30-year career. He was a pioneer of online road safety with his website, now incorporated into Trafficsafe, Melbourne. 

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